KIKI On The River – One of The Most Romantic Restaurants in Miami

By Thrillist

In a city where talking about butt implants is more common than talking about work, the concept of “romance” can be a little tricky. Dating here is weird, what with the seemingly endless parade of girls who say they’re “influencers” and guys who “run a business.” But once in a while, you can find a gem, someone worth holding onto and spending time with outside the hours of 12-8am. Then, a whole new problem arises: Where to take them for a lovely, romantic dinner. Despite our city’s lack of romance, we are decidedly not lacking in romantic restaurants. Here are the 14 best around the city.

Riverfront romance with grilled meats and no attitude

For years, dining on the Miami riverfront meant packing a picnic and watching freighters full of mattresses load up for Haiti. But times have changed, and the best spot for romance on the river is this Greek offering with sunset views one way, and golden-hour reflections off Downtown the other. You and your date can share one of the plush booths next to the river while enjoying fresh seafood, souvlaki, and steaks paired meticulously with hard-to-find wines. It’s elegant and classy without feeling exclusive: nobody’s denying you entrance because they don’t like your shoes. Kiki lets you splurge on romance without making you feel like you don’t belong, and that’s why it’s the river’s best bet for dinner dates.

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