Forbes Lists Kiki on the River as One of 10 Best Creative Spins on Lobster That Bring Seafood to the Next Level

We are thrilled to share that Kiki on the River was featured (1 of 10 Nationally and the only Florida based restaurant) in Forbes latest article “These Creative Spins On Lobster Brings Our Favorite Seafood To The Next Level.”

Greek Lobster Pasta

This beautiful pasta dish at Kiki on the River on the Miami River involves a whole lobster seared over bucatini pasta.

“While many think of pasta as a traditional Italian dish, Greek Lobster Pasta is a signature dish of the Greek Islands. Featuring of cold water Lobster, its sweet meat pares very well, with traditional Greek ingredients like grape tomato puree, white wine, Greek Oregano, and of course Greek Olive oil,” says Chef Steve Rhee.

“All of these ingredients complement the pasta chosen for this dish like this, like a Bucatini pasta, which is a thicker noodle, with a hole in the middle, to hold sauces and gives it a better texture. All of these beautiful ingredients playfully interact with each other, in a simple, but yet complex dish that highlights the best of Mediterranean cuisine.”

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